Ainslie Koopmans

Ainslie Koopmans started using WordPress six years ago when she owned a hair salon that needed a website. Through YouTube and trial error, she stumbled upon WordPress and has been a huge fan ever since. She is also a graduate of BCIT’s Technical Web Design program. Now Ainslie works for Automattic as a Happiness Engineer where she gets to work with Ainslie just moved to Kelowna with all of her boys and her cat Beefer.

Ryan Noakes

Ryan Noakes is a recent graduate from BCIT’s Technical Web Designer program. He works as a junior WordPress developer at Sparkjoy Studios. Ryan’s background is a little different than most web developers; he is a classically trained singer and award winning composer with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Victoria, and a Master of Music from the University of British Columbia.

Mandi Wise

Mandi Wise stumbled on WordPress seven years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She has worked extensively as a developer, and most recently as the Program Director for Web and App Development at RED Academy. When she isn’t wrangling code or students, you’ll probably find her hanging out somewhere in Vancouver with her two dogs, Gomez and Dexter.

Asako Yanagita

Asako Yanagita is a graphic designer / WordPress web designer at Eggbeater Creative. Having studied and worked in Japan, England and Canada, her design principle has been influenced by various styles and technics. She has traveled to more than 20 countries and loves to meet people all over the world. Graduate from Technical Web Designer program at BCIT and a holder of BA (Hons) Graphic Design at UCA in England.

Eina Onting

Eina Onting is a front end developer who loves trying out new internet technologies. This interest first developed when she discovered WordPress a decade ago and has always come back to it despite all the other cool stuff that’s available. When she’s not coding, she can be found taking pictures of her food or walking up and down the hills of New Westminster.

Beata Kozma

Beata Kozma, originally hailing from the Hungarian telecommunication and magazine publishing business, arrived in Vancouver seven years ago and jumped into the beauty of web publishing.
Besides being the Program Lead of the BCIT Technical Web Designer Program, Beata teaches students that they should not just create websites, but web-based solutions to properly support the clients’ business…content, and mobile first…