Slides from WCYVR 2016 Sessions

Talks from the three tracks will be posted on shortly, but until then you can access slides and additional resources from all of your favourite presentations below.

Keep checking back as we will add more links as they are supplied by this year’s speakers.

I’ve Been Hacked | Additional Resources
Aftaab Gulam

Just Press Publish
Alycia Mitchell

Troubleshooting WordPress Performance
Andrew Taylor

Tools Managing Multiple Sites
Christina Varro

The Dashboard 101
Jill Binder

On Creativity: A Freelancer’s Journey through Boredom, Desperation, Success, then it gets Boring Again, & Finally More Things Happen
Kelvin Cech

Using Custom Post Types to Control Access
Max McClanahan

Five Figure Freelancing
Nathan Reimnitz

Do it in code! A guide to creating a custom site structure plugin in WordPress.
Peter Hebert

It’s always the Embeds
Robert Dall

How to Convert Website Visitors into Business Leads
Scott Towne

How to Not Design Like a Developer
Tracy Apps